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my missing frog prince

mehhn… major giddy moment awhile ago. i was screaming at the sight of tango (tang-go) and charlene sharing their sweet moment on the dance floor. where arth thou my prince???

finally, my wish of having even just one of my comexes on the HF was fulfilled. =)

back to my prince. i loathe amphibians, count the frogs in but if i were told that a certain slimy frog will turn into my dream guy once i kiss it, then sure let’s give it a kiss.

my giddy hormones are still active!! how does the name tango (tang-go) sounds to you? honestly it’s malphonious (haha imbento! check my roots!!) but i’m starting to like it. oh no, adrian parin ako.

hmmm… i failed 3 tests. i’m the bobo-est. -_-;; i failed physics, english and accounting (like 67%?!) i don’t like my grades. i told my parents about it and they sermoned me. =) haha, i got myself prepared for that. i promised them i’ll lessen my internet and tv hours and study study study.

friday is camping and el fili day! i’m both excited and worried. worried because i’m still thinking of ways to pack my things for the camping plus the tray of eggs. excited because i know that day will be fun! =)

november is my month so i should be getting good vibes but it turns out that i’m not. november is as dead as the month implies. i’m dead with my grades, i’m dead with tango (tang-go) and i might be literally dead in a matter of minutes if the blessings i should recieve will continue avoiding me.

i gave a joketime title for myself! boster. haha, rejected booster + bobo. haha i’m not rejected, nag back-out lang dahil sa mga priorities pero bobo, oo. =)