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revelations of backmasking

it seems like i’m not yet ready to face the third quarter. first of all i don’t want to see how horrible my grades are. second, i don’t want to spend the day under the scorching heat practicing for the intrams, although that would mean lesser time for study, that would also mean lesser aircon time and more grilling hours. yes, i’m being maarte!! third and last, i’m betting that more than 50% of the school population would agree to this: the sembreak is unreasonably short! i don’t even think calling it a ‘sembreak’ is acceptable. it’s just a couple of standard yearly holidays plus a few rest days turned into project making days. how inconsiderate.

moving on to the plus side, tomorrow is my besfriend’s birthday! happy birthday KARLAAA!!! she’s gonna be sixteen, how sweet.
oh, and i got a haircut. =) smile now, arianne.

no, onto the backmasking stuff.

we attended the youth alive ministry yesterday for the first time because we were interested with last week’s plug of backmasking documentaries.
in case you don’t know what backmasking is, it’s a process of reversing songs. the only thing making it controversial is the fact that it can be used to unveil hidden messages.

here’s the scary part.
when we backmask a song, we hear weird sounds like those of rewinded videos. that’s normal.
in some cases there are songs which when we backmask we hear clear words, words pertaining to stanism and other ridiculous stuff. that’s what we watched. this might be old news to you but to me it’s not. :p
here are some local backmasked songs:

1. banal na aso, santong kabayo – yano
– the message here is blatantly freaky but backmasking it makes it even freakier.
2. pare ko – eraserheads
– this one i can’t believe at first because i used to sing it and it’s the first ever song i learned to play on the guitar. tsk.

those are the only songs i remember but there are lots more… according to the documentarist, the artists do not know that there are hidden messages embedded into their song and they only knew it when MGB (magandang gabi, bayan) interviewed them and showed them the proof.

here are a some of the songs we heard.
1. stairway to heaven – led zeppelin
– the backmasked version was the clearest i heard.
2. hit me baby – britney spears
3. plasmatics songs
4. ac-dc songs (anti-christ devil’s child) – err, duh? most of their songs are that bold.
5. a couple of beatles’ songs
6. a couple of john lennon’s songs

etc… songs inflicted with obscured messages are oftentimes the fast rising ones.
oh well, not of all of the backmasked lyrics are harmful but in a way they are somewhat freaky.

check this one: CLICK!