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rebisco crackers: 6% carbo 9% fat


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currently feasting on crackers and coffee. sounds familiar? parang burol.
oh well, i missed eating with my mom and dad awhile ago because i was watching frog prince then as a karma there’s no food left for me. bait talaga nila.

awhile ago we had a mass. generally i didn’t quite enjoy it because i suddenly found out i have my monthly visitor and wtf! i’m wearing our gala uniform (which is all-white fyi). i hurriedly went to the cr to check… and found out i’m in bloody crap. blaaah. i just can’t tell you how my misadventures during the mass went since some are just too gross *munches on a piece of cracker* to even describe in ful detail. however, as you can see… i’m alive and i survived.

we also had our field trip orientation awhile ago and it made me finalize my decision that: i will not join the field trip.
my poor left leg will definitely not stand the whole trip which includes a lot of walking and hiking. i might just collapse and die you know *exaggerating*

i made my research on my knee strain and found out i’m having a moderate strain (2nd degree) which will approximately heal from 10-6 WEEKS. i can’t wait that long… how bout my bike? grr

till then.