A very personal blog

i sat bored the whole day

i can’t find anything to do… and i just sat down most of the time, watching the cheering practice. no pompoms to twist, no materials for the flag. no anything! just me, the people around me and the scorching heat.. plus the occasional wind strokes.
this was the day i felt most unworthy, like i’m of no help at all. a burden, yeah. but tomorrow, it’s time to change the wheel… we’re going to do the flag so hopefully the artist me try to come out and i’ll be busy.

i’m just bored. i watched everything and anyalized them in full detail. even the softball practice, i now know the weakness of this pastar girl, she may be good in softball but her catching is er… not that good. i watched the ants drop to my shirt and on vero’s drumset, claimed three namely Mr. Adam Ant, Mr. Adam Ant Jr. and uhm.. Mr. Adam Ant Jr. II. weird. when you’re bored you suddenly notice things and make a big deal out of them. i continued making my retro doodle (grad ball inspired) and managed to imagine a ‘retro’ gown that will suit me… black and white perhaps. i played with the green cubes (that’s how the tindera calls it) and failed to assemble it (i already forgot how i did it the last time). listened to lakambini bottom, my sister’s current favorite song because it gave her hope that “e ano ngayon! kung mataba sha? mas masarap daw magmahal ang babaeng lumba lumba…”. asus. she’s not fat. she’s just chubby.

i ended the day with a big sigh. it was just too boring for me to take, i didn’t even feel the urge to finish reading ‘the unbearable lightness of being’ which was getting quite boring because i think i’m not yet in the right part of the book that made it an international bestseller.

however. i don’t feel unproductive because there’s nothing really important for me to accomplish for the moment.