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iyo kailan pa man

watched y!speak awhile ago. saw ryan agoncillo again and again… =)
the topic revolves around the rich and the poor…
as much as i love watching debate programs, it still doesn’t show in my debate skills… steph will still wholeheartedly give me a 54%, whattabout.

hmmm… i saw the dvd version of charlie and the chocolate factory in mtv and it was COOOOOOLLLL… they have a “how to dance like an oompa-lumpa” selection
which was really cute although i don’t think i would enjoy dancing like one.

surprise surprise!
philamlife yet again gave us another VIP christmas gift.. which is another CD they produced. hehe… last time they gave us a cd of manila philharmonic orchestra playing christmas songs and now another cd (opm classics) sang by the philippine madrigal singers, iyo kailan pa man… =)

my favorite, Hanggang. because that’s the best song gerald santos sang during the pinoy pop superstar elimination night. and i think he got a 99% for that…

anyhow, i’m just waiting for the right late-night time to arrive because i’m waiting for the sunday movie greats…

tara! manood tayo ng “ang pagdadalaga ni maximo oliveros”!! 😀