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inhale… exhale

a lot of schools started their sembreaks weeks before and look at us poor shsians, we still have to go through the agonizing labors (exaggerating) of studying! what is so wrong with our school that we have to spend only 1 week break? and 4 of those days will be used for project making!!! that is so unfair! i have a lot plans in mind to do during the sembreak but now all of them are to be rescheduled for… summer perhaps?

i can’t take it. before i sleep by 3pm let me just tell you how my study habits went for the ist day of tests.
we had econ, computer and accounting awhile ago and it was just last night that i started studying…
specifically i started browsing my econ book at 9:30pm. i know it’s late but i’m easily distracted by a lot of things like i still watched frog prince and darna and when i went to my room to internalize about my risky procastination through feeling the cold air gushing out from the aircon, i ended up drop dead on the bed sleeping.

not for long because because i felt my cellphone vibrate under the pillow. my bestfriend texted a joke about a TNT whose name is DAN and his misadventures as a paranoid in america. it was really funny so i went out of the room immediately and shared the joke to my family. after making them laugh a while i found myself plopped on the couch watching charmed. i’m not really an avid viewer but i found that episode interesting where pheobe was on the top of piper’s death list… oh well. why do interesting episodes like that show only when i DON’T need them. the God of discipline is not with me that time, neither was the God of wisdom.

10:30 came and that’s the moment i realized that i have to take things seriously but just when i thought i have all the chance to make a good start, my dad, mom and sister entered the room meaning they’re about to sleep and they need the lights off and the music down. you see there is only one aircon in our house and it belongs to my room so all 4 of us have to camp in my considerably big room and feel the coolness together.

i told them i have to study so i need not to turn the lights off but come on, i can’t resist that temptation of not talking to them! haynaku talaga… after all the chit chat and jiggies i chose to study at last!
after studying ap, i went to sleep immediately for the 3-in-one coffee i drank has lost its powers

blah blah, so in the end i didn’t finish studying everything that’s needed to be studied. when i woke up that morning, i rushed my morning routine and studied computer while dad takes me to school, then during recess i studied accounting… =)

i’m so dead.