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frog prince mania

here is the link for my previous layouts.


i decided to make an archive of them in blogskins for other people to use… =) i’ll continue doing layouts for as long as i have the skill and the desire to do so… =)

you can use some of them if you like.
i haven’t uploaded all of my prev layouts because i don’t intend to do so, some of my layouts just suck so i guess i’ll just share those which passed my standards.

i’m into my chinovela obsession again. frog prince is just like the other chinovelas i’ve watched before, those with really really exciting and romantic beginnings. yes, beginning only, i still don’t know if the series will make me sustain my interest in it. other chinovelas i’ve watched have really good starts but what happens in the middle is they become super mushy because the courting stage ends and the persons from opposite sides of the poles get attracted with each other and develop a relationship and that ends the cliffhanger.

my mom has a crush on ming dao! well, me too of course.
why am i talking about these things?
i should study!!!
actually i’m looking for matthew ming pictures but it’s hard! grr, i want to sketch him… hihi.
ok, so matthew ming is ming dao… wait i think i should look harder