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history of melodia

most of my usernames are under the netnick melodia04. hihi wala wala, i just want to explain. =) here’s the reason, there is this anime character i really really like, his name is Musica and he belongs to the Rave series. Simply put, Musica’s sweetheart is Melodia and so i became melodia!
you see? if you really love Romeo, wouldn’t you name yourself after Juliet?
if you like oranges, wouldn’t you like lemons too?
if you fancy gays, why not lesbians? haha i don’t!
if you like doctors, you should hate apples. aaahh whatever.

i’m going nuts. hihi
i learned a lot of things in veronika decides to die! like, why are our keyboards not alphabetically arranged? or why do the clock hands move from left to right? not that it bothers me but the book answered it. hihi

oooohh, my sister gave me an advanced birthday gift! i now have 48 pcs. classic colored pencils! take note! faber castel! time to strike something off of my wishlist!

i love grapes.