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what a water escapade!

my toes and fingers are much too shrivelled right now due to the very very exciting (note the sarcasm) water escapade we had awhile ago. the whole 2nd floor of our house was flooded because my sister left the water foset on. so, all of us in this house gathered upstairs to immediately dry the place up. you know what’s weird?
the closest room to the cr (from which the water came from) wasn’t reached by the water but MY room was!! it was so puzzling -_-;; and my room has the most number of stuff inside, there’s the stand fan, the wooden table and chair, the guitar (grrr!), my turtle stuffed toy that was lying on the floor (grrr!!!) and the queen sized cusion ON the floor(daaaanngg!)!!!
what more, the floor is not tiled ceramic it’s varnished wood!!!
i’m soo angry with the other room! how come mine’s the one victimized when it’s farther from the cr!! grrr!

but anyway, while we were cleaning i wasn’t angry with my sister or with the water that mercilessly soaked my stuff toy and the cusion we used to sleep on, i was actually full of optimism.
my dad was the pessimist one so i had to calm him down by saying that this event calls for a major ‘knock first’ emergency call!

hmmm… hehe it exhausted me so much mopping the whole place and accmumulating dust on my hands. eeww i so hate the feeling of strands of hair coiling on my fingers. gaaahhh.

all in all i can’t say it’s a horrible experience coz it’s actually fun, it’s been decades since the whole of my family cleaned together.

hihi. tomorrow na USTET!
gud luck to me at sa lahat ng kukuha!

my sister and i watched ‘the twins effect’ awhile ago. quite nice! edison chen is so cute!