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how to?

i can’t think of anything to share on my J3M (just 3 minutes) tomorrow! and it has to be a ‘how to’ thing… whew. what do i do, i’ll be delivering it tomorrow!

so far here are my useless options…

how to annoy people?
how to get rid of annoying people?
how to draw? (-_-;;)
how to identify spam?
how to do card tricks? (ooh, that’d be cool.. but i guess we’re not allowed to bring cards to school. grr..)
oh yes! if i learn the simplest trick tonight then i’ll spare myself from memorizing lenghty paragraphs!
ok ok.. gotta start.

whew. so, if all-else fails what would be my fail-safe?
tsk. think think think! why had i not prepared for this a week ago?! grr…

ano kaya gagawin ko?