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always look on the bright side of life

i’m happy and full! just ate two plates of rice and lechong manok!! hihi, today is the anniversary of the my dad’s managerial unit. yeah! remember the time i keep braggin about that in this blog? it came true at last, and they’re into business for two years running.

ok, i’m not part of the party since i’m in school but that’s ok coz i don’t really want to jam with the grown-ups.

awhile ago in the morning as i open my closet to get a uniform i realized i have no tan uniforms left! i panicked that time and went to the rooftop if there’s any of my tan uniforms left dry so that i can iron it fast.
not until i recalled we have a mass today.
hehe so after all the energy i wasted running up the stairs, i have to wear the gala uniform.

mass, tsk. i really thought i’m going to be late but hopefuly i didn’t. i don’t know why but everytime i go to mass i get sleepy. i can’t count the times i yawned in the mass awhile ago… really can’t help it. no! i didn’t sleep! i’m too guilty for that crime.

ooh, it’s my 2nd time to participate in the mass! my first time was when i was in second year… i joined the choir coz they seemed to lack members. the 2nd time was awile ago where justinne, alya and i became collectors. probably because we’re at the end of our section coz we’re late. hehe…
oh well, it’s my first time to collect. haha it was, er… nothing great, just fine. my basket even fell and the coins scattered out but nevermind, it was not my fault anyway. when we walked through the aisle to put the baskets to the altar, the people are slowly blocking our way coz they singing the ‘ama namin’ and they have to join hands! LoL, wrong timing but the effect was funny though, we’re breaking their bonds. haha…

computer time.
i was a little nervous that time. i thought we’re going to be put on the spot but no. we had a quiz and i failed (i deserve it), but i didn’t do anything bad. i even heard our teacher made a remark about seeing someone doing something fishy but i didn’t mind because i know i wasn’t doing anything wrong. ok enough about that.. i’m just a little relieved. whew.

so, i’m excited for tomorrow coz we’ll be going to terai’s since she won’t be able to come over tonight because of her studies. well i’m exctied about two things… to visit terai and to yet again, have an expressway stop-over indulgence! hehe… i just love stop-overs! haven’t i said that before?

what i like about friendster is that it can be used to stalk people, know practicaly how they describe themselves and know what other people think about them.
honestly, i’ve used it before to stalk (sort of) this person and i’m satisfied with my investigation (LoL). i never used it again for that purpose ever since. hehe, kasi crush ko yun eh! hahahaaaaaa.
kaso ngayon i’m against one added feature, the ‘who’s viewed me’ link under the notification that blah people has seen your profile since blah. i don’t like it! hehe. if you’re in my place you should know why.

what else… oh no, i have a lot of things to do! hrr, anal geom, j3m (speaking of which– i learned a new card trick! and that’s what i’m gonna share), lasalle test, yadda yadda… it’s just too much but i’m not worrying coz i’m sure to get over that one of these days. 😀

always look on the bright side of life! (whistle)
that’s my motto now! learned that years ago through an AXN commercial and it was just now that i learned to adopt it.