A very personal blog

disappointed =(

oh well, that was awhile ago so i’m feeling fine now.
yesterday i was excited to visit terai coz we thought it’d make her happy but no. she’s so glum when we went there and she doesn’t like it that we brought food for our little family picnic right outside their dorm (which is natury in ambiance fyi) coz she’s expecting us to eat outside… chowking or mcdo or kfc perhaps?
brrr… as much as i’d like to enjoy the food (the lechong manok, the lechong kawaling baboy, the fried rice and the veggy salad) i can’t coz we feel like our visit was wasted.

just yesterday she texted me, mom and dad about her happiness when she passed math 17 but now she seems so unhappy about it. hmmpphh, kakainis!
she said she wanted to eat fast coz she’s going to study pa…
so after all the traffic we’ve been through she’s just going to dismiss us that way?


there, the three (me mom dad) of us are sad on our way home and we TRIED to just understand her and her wrong approach when she’s being pressured and it worked a little although we’re expecting her to call us for a rightful apology… and she did, when we were already in commonwealth (which is about 2 hours later).

next… my disappoinment was also lessened down by my drug, caffeine. i had another plastic cup of a mocha frappe. happy.

tomorrow is the dlsu-cet.
i’m neither excited nor nervous. either way (pass of fail) i won’t be studying there, i just don’t want to waste the 500 pesos that i cried for and all the fuss about getting my NSO birth certificate! do we look like a fixer?!

i don’t really have time to study for it even though i know it would be hard but let’s just leave it that way. haaay…