A very personal blog

the lost puppy and the possible reason to my frequent procastination

our neighbor’s puppy went to our garage! hihi, so cute! i want to own it! but of course i can’t… when i came down from the car awhile ago i saw the puppy out of our neghbor’s gate, i went to see it because it’s really cute! i played with it a little bit and tried to fit him on the gap between their gate (where the puppy got out) but it can’t fit! now i’m wondering how it fitted awhile ago hmmm…

there… then after an hour or so, i went out to go to FCM and i was suprised to see the puppy sitting under the umbrella in our garage! wahahaa… grabe ang cute… it’s a like baby cow… the one with black and white spots… ok so there since i can’t fit him in the gaps of their gate i decided to knock through the doorbell, you see their doorbell is not the ordinary ding-dong type (like ours) it’s pretty similar to a fire alarm, only one octave lower. LoL…

you know what, i want to go to starbucks… i’ve become a caffeine junkie. -_-;; i’ve planned it already in my mind, i just have to tell dad an excuse that i’ll buy napkin and cartolina in FCM (which is true) and secretly ride until convergy’s. what a liar… drugs nga naman o.

but then he insisted to driving me to FCM so i have no choice but to cancel my plans. either way, there’s still zagu, and they still have caffe latte there… only milder than the ones in sb and i want my coffee strong!

ganito na lang, i’ll buy nescafe 3-in-1 and an all purpose cream and make my own Frapparianna ™. hehe

grr… i hate myself for being like this! i don’t want to have a disease on the bone!! it hurts a lot! i know the feeling!!! T_T;;


i’m not becoming used to doing our homeworks here in our house. i always sleep on them and i discovered why.
this is really baseless but it’s somewhat true in my case.
it has something to do with my mini notebook, the pocket-sized notebook where i jot down my homeworks. when i write my to-do list there, i always ignore it at home and sleep… but when i write it in this particular pad i suddenly find myself pulling out my desk chair, filing my books out, checking my to-do list and start working on my homeworks!
weird. really… LoL, and i remember that pad was tia’s christmas gift to me and tia is smart so i guess (out of my baffled mind) that her being responsible with homeworks was somewhat distributed onto that pad! like some sort of ‘responsible’ energy being transmitted from the paper to me.
hihi… do you get that?
being so, i guess i’ll just ask my smart friends to give me a little notebook on christmas so that when i see my homeworks on it, it’ll give me the drive to start doing my homework.

LoL. is that even a vaild excuse to my delaying habit?
i’m just wondering why… and being the curious me i can’t help but resort to various senseless things… but if you’re really in my case you’d be wondering too!

and you know what i’ve proven myself to be an occasional psychic! i said OCCASIONAL so i guess it doesn’t work always.
kasi, when we had our physics test in projectile motion II… i made a bet (deal?) with myself and it goes like this: if i get to answer set B, i’ll be perfect in the quiz but if not, i’ll fail.
and i did get into set B! that’s why i reacted happily!! LoL
and as promised, i got perfect! and i also recieved a +5 for answering letter c correctly! yay!
i’m psychic!!! haha

sandiwa’s prosec fieldtrip was held awhile ago! karla told me they saw the candidates for miss earth in the podium! cool… and they’re walking their 5’8″ frame on a 3″ stilleto… o.O
hihi, if i were they i’d rather walk on my flip-flops cos there’s no use exaggerating my height (if i was the one with the 5’8″ frame i mean…) but anyway they’re in a pageant.. whatever.