A very personal blog

not satisfied!

soon enough i’ll be changing this layout AGAIN… for the nth time already! that’s why i want to put up a ‘past layouts’ corner to share my previous layouts to you (in case you’re interested with my scrap art). so far i’ve use 12 layouts already (including this one) where 10 are my originals and the 2 left are custom-made by other atists…

anyway. it’s tuesday! one of my favorite days of the week! simply because we don’t have the tiresome subjects in our sched namely, pinoi, physics and anal geom. =) but we have to put up with this persistent urge to sleep especially during the last period.

oh well, i slept in her subject again… not surprising.

remembering the days

as i was looking for more ways to sell our raffle tickets, i recalled the same event 2 years ago when i was a freshman, selling raffle tickets too… i don’t know what’s gotten into my nerves that i’m practically asking EVERYONE to buy tickets from me and when i say everyone, or anyone… i mean… everyone… the sophomores, the juniors, the seniors, the gradeschool, the manongs and manangs and strangers.

parang… ang walang hiya ko pala nun. and people are talking about me… makuleeet.
then… someone complimented me for being a good saleswoman, i was delighted of course, and that’s when i met blue.

owsiyatap. -_-;;

and then… last week i watched gilmore girls. the movie ‘tuck everlasting’ broke in my memory again. such a good movie… it made me cry!!! due to me little obsession to the movie kinapa ko ung theme nila. the sound from the music box. it was so nice.

LoL… i’m in need of 5 thousand bucks! wala lang.. gusto ko lang ng pera.. haha.. greedy. and again, i need to work! i need to sell avon products again!

i’ll work on that one na nga!!! i really need the extra income!