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here we go again…


i don’t really hate mondays but it always reminds me of how else HARD i must push my efforts in studying…
acet is coming sooner and sooner and i haven’t done any decent self-study. i think i’m starting to become a big failure.

there’s one thing i really really want that would really really make my day a whole lot brighter…

winning the best solicitor award… for a lot of reasons…i want the title of course… i don’t want to settle with being the second ALWAYS, like when i was in first year. that sucks.
and of course… who wouldn’t want the price? it would help me pick a good dress for the upcoming PROSEC field trip… talk about forcing yourself to look so formal yet act stupidly childish inside.

wait. there’s a ‘bird family’ in our class… just for kicks… i’m not part of that family though… i’m the villain… a scavenger waiting for dead cows to rot then feed on them. a vulture.

it’s so not me. but who cares anyway. don’t even want to be part of the whole thing.. but, again.. who cares? it’s just for fun =)

hep hep! MURRAY!
haha… ang corny… eh kasi eh the fan in meeeeee!!!

chad murray… *drools*