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shoop shoop shamalama WOOP–ing dong!

LoL. did you watch kamapanerang kuba yesterday? i heard that shoop shoop shamalama song there.. haha… LSS! it’s cute anyway…

i’m starting to love this week. simply because we’re doing nothing during physics. our job’s done! hehe

stupid me. i’m attracted to someone again. bwahahahaaa….

we had a speaker awhile ago.. Mr. Igancio Rodriguez… well… what can i say, he’s a BIG BIG PRO!
ang luufffeeet ng art sobraaaa…. kakainggit.
don’t fret arianne… someday, you’ll be just like him.

LoL… in my dreams.
he’s a good speaker. i learned a lot.. i never knew anything about those proportion stuff.. not until now. hehe… very grateful me.
but still… i can’t seem to work well with the rules. when i tried following the rules my work became a little wierder and i know that’s how it SHOULD really look like because it’s the real thing.

the problem with me is that when i draw… i want to make it more beautiful than the thing it should originally depict! but the real thing is if you want to be a good artist you must make your work look natural.

i learned that in all-american girl. hihi…

anyway. there… i think i’m starting to build up a certain excitement with my reading report and rough draft… haha.. this time i swear i won’t get a line of 7!