A very personal blog

good day to you all!

wee. at last i got my price from our class raffle. hehe, who would’ve thought? anyway… a good way to spend it (no! not all of course, need to save…) is to go malling!

so there, ate theresa and i went to mall in spite of the rain since we need to return the vcd we rented, which accumulated a P90 penalty -_-;;, and also to stroll around and cure our mall sickness.

there… oh well, i spent 500 (to me that’s already a lot! hah!) but i don’t feel that bad about it because i still have some money left. sometimes you really have to shell out some bucks in order to satisfy your craves. =) heh.

i bought a perfume (was it a cologne? dunno) at penshoppe and honestly that’s the first time i spent money on that thing, coz i don’t usually apply perfume but i guess as time goes by, my age is demanding me to be a bit more vain. yeah right, like a 14 y/o needs to apply makeup and spray on perfume? but anyway, i bought some makeup too… a concealer and a blush on. i mean, i don’t know… i’m suddenly growing fond of these too girly stuff.
but hey! i really need a concealer… just look at my leg! so full of scars… and i mean dark scars! and to think i’ll be wearing a skirt this tuesday… pero hmm.. whatever, i don’t think i’ll still be using it. heh, so much for P90.

then… hmm. before that we returned the vcds back and borrowed two again, mean girl and pirates of the carribean. come on, it’s not my fault i haven’t watched those yet. =)

not in consecutive order:
– ate at jollibee. my treat!
– checked the surplus shop. i love bargain stuff.
– went to nat’l bukstore
– strolled around sm dept’ store. grrr… love the skirts, hate the price. =lastly… went home!