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i want a cupofrappuccino

today we woke up 3am para ihatid si terai sa uplb. damn i was still so sleepy but i couldn’t pass out from the chance of travelling even for just four hours. so i dressed up and got ready.

anyhow. there starts our journey to los banos. if you were in my place and you’re OLDER sister keeps bugging you on how to troubleshoot with the computer and keeps whining on how hard college life is, wouldn’t you get irritated?

i’m learning a lot when mom scolds me for blaming other people on something irrevocable. she’s always reminding me not to waste time by pinpointing the criminal and instead, start working on the solution. it always worked.

urrgghhh, you know what’s beyond college life? maturity! take it, it’s yours!
i hate immature people. no, my sister is not immature!!! she’s just pressured… poor her. but sometimes she do acts a little immature like she couldn’t step-forward without mom and dad’s opinion on her plans. oh my, that’s why there’s a word called independence… for you to live it.

gaah, i’m not saying i’m already independent, but i just don’t seem to rely on a lot people that much. i mean, my problems are not big time that’s why.

so there… after we dropped her to their boarding house (around 6am), we decided to eat breakfast in the a stop-over gasoline station – uhm, shell. hehe, i really love stop-overs. ayun… sobrang lamigggg, ang aga pa ksi eh.. tapos i went to the cr to warm my hands with the hand dryer! waah… sarap ng feeling ng warm gush of air.

ayy wait… alam nyo ba na naiinis ako sa mga air curtains sa mall? lam nyo yun, yung pag pasok mo may hangin sa taas tapos sisirain ung buhok mo! ang badtrip ah…

uhmm… basta kumain kami ng instant noodles at siopao na baon pa namin mula sa maynila.
blahblah… diretso kami simbahan… kain sa tokyo tokyo (haynaku, there’s still NO place like yoshinoya) tapos… uwi!