A very personal blog

i'm feeezzzziiinnnggggg….

i’m in the computer lab today! so cooolllddd! hehe… since i’m done with my powerpoint presentation i decided to waste my time by bloghopping and breaking rule ‘no accessing of accounts’… bwahaha…

i’m so happy! i don’t need to buy an expansion memory card! my sandisk finally worked! yay! kelangan lang palang iformat eh! now i can save mp3s on my handheld… this is cool! yipeee…

only a few of us are left in the class because a lot of us have to join the eco song and the pta outreach. =)

you know what? i don’t why the PTA still needs senior volunteers to join them. i mean, we have our own outreach! plus… can’t they handle retards by themselves? coz i know how to! just knock them off unconscious and spend the while they’re sleeping doing various things! haha… joke. kasi parang… what do they need us for? they’re a lot already! puro pa elders!! eh… wala lang.

you know what. ms.____ is giving ____ too much attention. i tallied the number of times she called her and it reached 10 already! no, i’m not jealous! i’m just having a weird feeling that ms.___ is growing fond of ____.

whooopppsss! what am i writing.. this is bad.

hmmm… un lang muna, i guess when i get a new internet card i’ll install limewire again coz i need more mp3s! yay!

haaay. malapit nanaman mag rosary rally. i really despise joining it. first of all, i’m not catholic. 2nd: i hate long walks under the scorching heat! haha.. pero let’s face it, fun paren naman anyhow. 🙂