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still no phone line!!!!

it’s been more than a week since we last had our telephones working. actually i don’t care about incoming and outcoming calls… i care about the internet connection… how sad… =( but anyway… if there’s a will then there’s a way…
oh lemme change that… if there’s a crave then there’s a way! haha

whew. right now i wanna eat… cinnamon or maki and coffee. mehn… i’m an addict. yeah…that gave me an idea.. maybe my next layout would be related to addiction…

you know, it’s our quarterly exams today… so we’re half-day but i’m too lazy to study math, cl (i think i’m failing this one) and computer so i’ll guess i have to put them off just for the meantime and try to have some liesure. =)

well well… too many things have happened over the past few days… both boring and wierd…

i have noticed. i’m being fond of a lot of my schoolmates lately. to me it’s not a crush… more of i-just-want-to-stare-at-you-coz-you-remind-me-of-someone feeling. gotcha? i know… sounds somewhat serious but it’s nothing, really. i think i can’t find myself someone to think of… someone i like not because he reminds me of someone… blech… it’s hard to admit i’m missing someone… gaaahh stupid.


wotcher. hopeless romantic.

wow.. have a new expression… wotcher!
haha.. got that from tonks! =)

wow. i’m fighting the urge of reading hp6 while studying. big big distraction. but in the end i still read it…=\ hehe…

my my… i’m getting a lot harry X draco lately… love it.

wotcher folks!