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pray for me!

tomorrow i’ll be taking the UPCAT… my schedule is 12:30 at Palma Hall, it’s not like i want you to stalk me! hehe… i just want you to include me in your prayers… i mean, i’m not dead… you know what i want. =)

please pray for me coz i know that’s the best you can do… for me =)

i really don’t know what tips to take! i’ve heard a lot already, dark chocolate, peanuts, no meat, sleep early *winks*, mint, mozart… nada blah nada blahh…

you see… i’m actually planning on taking all those… hehe… well not all but a lot of those…

*sigh* should i study now? before going to sleep?
i bet not… i wanna have a good good sleep…
then after the UPCAT… gimik! as if pumasa na diba?

sure we’re tired after the test… umupo ka banaman ng mejo anim na oras, nakayuko, sumasagot ng mga tanong…?! we still deserve a consolation!

MALL for me is not just a place where you can buy stuff, spend money and eat… it’s a COMFORT ZONE!

soo…. go mall!
getting giddy.

my my… our PC has just been reformatted… not nice! i have to reinstall a lot of programs… i don’t have my y!m, my photoshop, my limewire and my microsoft reader!
all i have is this browser….

but the good thing is… we have an antivirus! yay!