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new layout!

yay! at last i managed to produce something productive this day. the truth is i prioritised finishing this layout over studying for the tests tomorrow, which is not a good example to kids out there…

it’s blue as you can see and so far i’m satisfied. i made it blue coz i really like the beach picture up there and insisting the reds won’t do good so i went for it’s compliments… what do you think?

i didn’t take me too long to finish this one because i just edited my joker layout (if u remember) and changed the image and some properties, but it did take me some time to settle with the image up there… i’ve made a lot of versions of that already and that was, so far, the best i can manage. =)

that’s all.

i’m still obsessed over harry X draco. can’t help smiling at their image forming in my head. well.. mind you these are decent images. -_~

tom felton in still stuck in my head, and i love it.