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what to write! what to write?!!!

i’m getting a little hysteric around here… asking people, “sa tingin mo anong nakapagbago saken?” and stuff like “ikaw, anong nakapag change ng life mo?” hoping that i’ll get a potential (when i write that, i’m actually thinking of making up another lie..tsk) answer but no!
tss… that significant thing that change my life… as in entirely… hasn’t happened yet… kaya nga i’m still waiting!
malay mo bukas! something might really change my life…like uhm, the indian song?

oh my… i’m getting wierd here…-_-;;
so, if i really have no definite and interesting answer yet… i’ll go with God and religion… i mean, any topic is interesting as long as you do it in an interesting way….
it’s just… forgive me Lord… kind of boring to talk about those. no! i’m not saying my relationship with God is boring it’s just… uggh… you know people might think i’m trying to make them believe i’m a goody-two-shoes by writing something about how God changed me. but seriously, even though it didn’t change me entirely… (like 95%, the remaining 5% of me hasn’t changed yet) i can say it’s the closest thing that changed me wholy…

ok… how else stupid could i get? i just answered my question!!! woofie! gotta start writing!

in case you’re confused on all the jiggies you just read, i’m talking about the ateneo essay… it’s a requirement for the college of admission. talk about ACET and other CET stuff…

case closed.
till next time. =)