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ateneo essay done, indian song done!
yey! but still, i can’t promise myself a stress free week, and month! since we have to focus on the entrance tests…-_-;;

but anyway, i’m just glad that things are finally over!
we didn’t win the song competition but i got over that fast because our class won the over-all winner award! =)

the cultural show was fun! our song was ok, the dance was superb! (they won btw.. congrats!), the food was delicious, the physical setup was well-done, the powerpoint was nice too (except that i’m not expecting our class to win… but we (or they) did anyway..so congrats!)… everything fell in place just right and that’s what i’m grateful of..

you know what, this is the only day that i appreciated people claiming that i did look like an indian… my mom used to say that to me… coz i’m dark and all… but i just get furious coz what i knew about them were the 5-6s, the bombay thing, the turbans, the snakes and the… well, no offense… smell.
but i was kind of enlightened awhile ago, their culture is cool… they’re all cool! and of course we really have to look like indians after all. =)

just now, i’m uploading 3 of tepai’s artworks in her devart coz she asked me to scan them … check it out HERE!