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commonwealth is so congested awhile ago! it’s a big NO-NO to go out, really.. i mean that’s why it’s a holiday! to relax yourself and listen to Gloria’s 23 minute speech and not go out at all! unfortunately, we had to do some business and that business needs a wide commonwealth avenue to pass by…-_-;;

too bad, the moment we went out of Don Antonio! foofie! there’s no turning back! the overpass was hanged with OUST GLORIA banners and the lanes in front of Ever are jam-packed with people… we were actually planning on going to Ever to mr.quickie coz my sister’s bag is wrecked kaso nga ayun…tange noh?!

anyway… the other 6 lanes in front of Don antonio were the only way vehicles can pass by, and now it’s 2-way… so soooper traffic talaga… the moment we got there we immediately decided to go home… kaso where? how? sobrang traffic! parang after ten years pa kme makakauwi kaya we went through an alternate route which was in tandang sora to sauyo then to… fairview! yehey!

now that i’m here… let me tell you something about the SONA… it wa short… 23 minutes only pero nakatulog pren ako! hehe… i was waiting for her speech on the gloria gate… pero nothing came! as is.. nada nada no no! wala!

pwede narin yun… although i want to hear her say something about the issue, it’s better for her to stay dedma about it na lang.. bka may lumabas pang kung ano eh… about her speech… ayus lang even if people consider her 23 minute speech short.. sakin mahaba nayun! pano nya kaya namememorize lahat yun?! hmm…

anyway. i was observing the people… they say there’re barely members of opposition who came, and the SONA was a success… pero wala lang.. ksi Frank Drillon is a member of the opposition so it’s natural for him not to pay a little respect… he wasn’t even clapping… but that’s how he should be, being on the opposing side…kaso ewan… haha.. kwawa naman sha.. walang kkmpi!!! hahahahaaa

hehe… cge… cram cram… still have to do my comex and the prosec project… brrr… haven’t done a single word in my ateneo essay?!

what am i going to write?
you know what? i really hate this question “any significant event that changed your life?”
i so haatteee that! it makes me wanna lie!
i realized that i was fooling myself by beleiving that my life was changed by book! it just changed part of my life as in 1/100? but not entirely… i just couldn’t make something up.. something interesting to talk about! that event hasn’t happened yet… i’m still waiting…-_-;;