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whew. yay! no classes tomorrow! haha… SONA day! hehe…rest day!
haay, i think i have to listen to what PGMA’s about to say… i haven’t been hearing from her lately and God knows how i want to hear her side on the gloriagate tape… we all don’t want to depend on rumors right? we want answers straight from the one involved… not one who wants to be involved…
this crisis has to end… our economy is slowly deflating!
unfortunately with the anomalies and political instability i don’t think we can live peacefully for the next three years or so… who knows what will happen next?

ok, let’s say Gloria gets impeached… who’s going to replace her?
cast your votes mentally, i don’t have a poll…
there are two options… it’s either Noli will take her place or another election will be done… and here are the possible presidentiables i’m thinking right now:

Noli de Castro
Ping Lacson
Loren Legarda
Susan Roces
Edi Villanueva
Raul Rocco (?)
blah blah blah…add your own…

now if you have to choose just one worthy being to rule the Philippines, who would it be? now don’t be silly, don’t pick yourself… ^_~

if you ask me, i’ll choose Loren Legarda, she’s the only one whom i know that could, at least ,make a little difference to our country today (in a good way)… she’s been in public service for a long time and she’s fairly good in doing her job. i think she’s worthy for it.

but, if Loren decides not to join or by some bad omen she loses, then i’ll go for my next option… and that is..

Ping Lacson – if the filipino’s can’t be handled the easy way, then let’s do it the hard way! while martial law and anarchy are threats…discipline is one thing we lack and i’m pretty much sure we’ll learn some when he reigns or at least we’re going to experience a different kind of approach in bringing out our tough egos. you may think a lot may die, but don’t you think that’s the answer to overpopulation?

(oh my, i’m becoming a saddist… but i really think the only way to solve overpopulation is to, yes… kill [uhm, not me please…]*winks* sorry sorry…-_-;;)

people call it concern when thay make rallies and walk around raising banners and flags, marching in their distorted Gloria mascot shouting “Patalsikin si Gloria!” but the real thing is, they’re causing traffic, they cause the establishments near the rally area to close, they cause economic downfall! their rallies, seriously, won’t do anything to help us! if they’re fed up with all the problems we’re facing, rallying won’t help. i don’t see the point of rallying… if you want your voices to be heard, go do it an undisturbing way… ripp off the noise barrage! they even used children! how dare they?! they’re polluting their minds!!

i’m just so mad with all these things!!!