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tu cheez badi hai mast…

sing sing sing.. my voice is awful! i can’t sing well because my throat is… well i don’t know, i seem to cough and cough whenever i gasp for air…-_-;; and that’s the bad thing, i can’t sing in front of an audience coughing every now and then!!!
hafta work on this… how?


we went to lea awhile ago to practice… well, twas fun… we recorded our voice using jami’s phone and mehn… it sounds… H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!
spell that again for me…

we thought we sounded indian-y.. but no. we’re like witches… whispering withches…-_-;;

guess what? i’m alone again.. and dad said awhile ago a cat, yet again, hid itself inside the house… so i have to brace myslef for another wierd noise or uninvited glass breaking…-_-;;