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wishlist update!

wow! i’m slashing two items off my wishlist…
Playing in the Fields – Barbie’s Cradle
Still not Getting Any – Simple Plan

thankyouthankyou NEZ! =)

oh.. i’m extremely busy but laziness always gets the best of me and you know what i do when i’m bored or when queen lazy pig snorts… i blog.

a lot of my batchmates are online today and i know just why they are online… SCHOOL STUFF!!
thank you technology for giving us instant messangers to help us communicate easier… haha!

wow! i wonder if i’ll get a credit from mrs. benitez from one of my comexes sooner… i’m still hoping… unfortunately, her taste is not my style… i’m the sarcastic writer, full of damn fuckin idiotic and stupid words… my writing is oftentimes casual, i’m not the poetic writer, nor the serious one with hyphalutin yet sensible vocabs… i have the simplest style… but that’s not my best! so i’ll work on it! i want my work on the wall of fame! hehe… ambitious me…