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college life!

uhm.. it’s not my life… it’s my sister’s… we’ll be accompanying her to UP los banos later.. where her new university awaits… where a new life will be started.. partly without us.. aww..

no more naruto for her!
i can see through her that she doesn’t want to give up watching the series, since things are getting hotter and hotter and… nevermind…

she’ll be used to it! she’ll be commuting from los banos to manila alone!
that’s the real life!
haay… i ‘ll miss her! i’ll be the only child here! ahaha…

ngayon nga i’m kinda reluctant if i’ll join them to los banos later kasi i haven’t started memorizing the latin prefixes for english and there’s a possiblity that i’ll miss watching naruto! this i cannot bear to happen!
pero my sister is more important than anything else! ehehe…

who will be the next… PINOY POP SUPERSTAR!?
ahahaaa… crush ko dun c Harry Santos! hope he wins… it’s his 4th week na!!!! ang galing galing! looks+voice= ultimate PINOY POP SUPESTAR! san ka pa?! pls support him… although i catch his voice making piyok at times… nananalo parin! o diba? bias?! haha.. hinde noh… deserving lng tlga sha.. and he’s still 16!

hehe… ^^;;

anyway… i’m really happy that there’s only one more burden left for me before i enter class and that is to memorize stuff on latin prefixes…
oh… who knows what suriax means?