A very personal blog

new layout!

hehe… this is the 8th version of melodic bloggage… what’s new? everything’s new! except for the colors… you know, i really fancy red-black-white… hehe

so… it’s friday once again! supposed-to-be rest day but i have a lot of things to do so i probably won’t be able to pamper myself that much…-_-;;

oh, my sister is home from los banos and she just commuted by herself.. achievement! haha… every week she’ll be going back home to manila then return to school on sundays…

you know what i hate with most CL teachers? (uhm… in my case the most is equal to 2) they tend to bring up the conclusion that Catholicism is the best religion ever! haha! i doubt that.. although i respect their beliefs (i’m studying in a catholic school anyway, and i never debated my beliefs with them) but sometimes teachers go out of track with their discussions and accidentally compare other religions to them (that sort of thing) which not only offenses me but other people who doesn’t belong to their religion as well..

i’m very sensitive with those stuff.. so please bear with me…^^;;

i hafta close this post now.. so goodbye…=)