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one more sleep to go

…and i’ll be entering the last season of my highschool saga… i’m not excited about it. especially when i learned my section wasn’t sandiwa nor bayanihan! (which proved me as a fraud foreteller). but i’m pretty happy about it, since i know i’ll be able to pull something off… haha plus!++++ the people that i hate are not in our class which will mean either of this things… 1) my life this year will be less troublesome (compared to my life two yrs ago where i had to ignore every bashful encounter i had with this bitch) or 2) i’ll be meeting another nemesis (i hope not, i’m being a good girl so far) =)

i went to school yesterday just to check my section… the bad thing is, excitement took over me and so i first checked the section i’m mostly looking forward to be part of, which was sandiwa. unfortunately my name wasn’t there! so i looked at bayanihan instead! but my name wasn’t there either! and then.. pananagutan… just then… my world stopped spinning… i’m not in there either!!!!

so i checked the last section in my list which was pamayanan… and i was there… hehe… ^^;;

why do i want to be in sandiwa?
because that’s what i saw in my dream, plus it’s near the cr..

because beside it is the locker area which has taller lockers and that’s what i want

lockers and cr– just around the corner!

uhm… since this is not on my wished-for sections… i won’t be saying a lot about this. let the section itself prove me wrong…

Let the Concert Begin

i told you, i’m attending a free concert every week!
but we don’t have any popular guests or whoever but i’m sure our performers are waaayyy popular in the eyes of GOD!
you see, everytime we have our praise and worship session (which runs around 8-8:45 am during sundays then homily will follow afterwards), i’m always filled with this certain joy… i can’t explain but it’s heartwarming and exciting!!

God is really dwelling in our place… and i love it.


i’ll be changing this one again… simply stated.. i need more space!
*i’ll work on it..now*