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let the chaos begin…

it literally means chaos to me whenever i enter another schoolyear, generally because of the crowd and the noise. i know everyone’s excited to meet their friends again, and i admit i’m one of them. but if you pile up all the thrill, we students can be compared to a horde of activists protesting for vat decrease.

ok, i thought there weren’t any ‘notorious’ people in my section (oh, pardon me if i call them that way, but that’s who they really are to me, and you know them ^_~) but i’m wrong… anyway, she’s just one. a single, tiny, little, minute, number one so if i do things right and stay out of her borders, i’m sure i’m not going to have any problems with her… that is only for constant circumstances but if it changes? then i’m on for a fight…

blah… i’m actually worried… i want our class to be harmless… FOR ME! because i’m a very weak and pathetic creature who does only what she thinks is right but unfortunately not everything i think is right, i’m just human.. and the bad part is everything that i do, bad or good gets noticed by these humpaloompas… and the next thing i knew… i already have a red card!

get ready for more rantful posts… next time.