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naruto won!!!!

huwaw! nanalo c naruto!
if u don’t know what im talking about… it’s NARUTO.. a japanese anime!
*stop me calling me freak*

naruto vs. neji… i always knew he’ll win! haha… my sister and i are cheering for him…

might sound weird pero ganyan kmi sa mga magagandang anime… hehe

parang Slam Dunk.. ang sarap mag cheer… kahit 2D lang ang mga tao at hindi live tulad ng UAAP masarap parin panoorin kasi there will always be something extraordinary na mangyayari!! haha…

you know what… many people consider us freaks from watching a lot of anime but we’re learning from it! and we learn a lot! unlike watching spongebob knock gary’s eyes off or staring at mr bean’s ocassional mumbles while sewing teddy’s ears on!

people are just being stereotypical… and count me in.