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yesterday's should-be post


another day i would consider like HELL…

PE… i am sooo disappointed because we never played softball…

we don’t have a game yet, that is. and all i did is the warm up thingy…

which, in a way is tiring but not as tiring and FUN compared to playing softball…

i’m not a good player. actually not even average. i just like to play… anything. -_-;;

CLUB… in the very first place, bringing voldy to school more than twice a week

is already a burden to me. and what more if i bring him during the fair… and in

practices as well?

tsss… i think i’m regretting the whole evaluating-this-newly-made-club thing… it’s risky…

PRACTICES… unlike other practices wherin you alone is the only requirement,

our practices include instruments which is not only heavy and so noticeable but

also troublesome… look how my passion for music turned from exciting to boring.

and look at how pathetic our performance is during practices. very very patethic..

i don’t want to take it as a whole coz i know that some are doing fine and some

are doing just fine and some are not even trying.

where do i place myself?

i wish… i hadn’t join the club…

but it’s no turning back now.. .face it.

i’m ditched.

another thing… i feel awful with this ocassional twitching of

the region near my nose whenever i feel stage frighten…

yeah right.