A very personal blog

new layout…


yeah… i made it in a rush.. although you can’t really say i rushed it with notepad…-_-;;

sooper bored na ko sa dating layout kasi the problem with the contractible headers thingy is that you wait for the whole page to be downloaded before you can access thru those links… i hate that.


i feel wierd and ashamed.

without even trying, our club moderator is way obvious with her facial expressions… the way she frowns when sir tanny is pointing at us… the way she would be PLASTIC around my favor of her keeping the organ in the faculty.

i hate her.

i totally hate her.

kaya nga duh.. lilipat ako ng club nxt yr.

and to think.. her kaplastikan moved to further extent when, in front of our group and sir tanny, she said na ‘di bale, next yr aayusin namin..’..blah..


is there still a next yr for us in this club?

i. don’t. think. so.

e duh… would you still be opening the doors of bayanihan to us, classic players?

maybe if you’ll see me carrying a guitar case. ~_-

which is.. uhm.. posible naman kaso, ayoko na.

tss…kung bawal na lumipat ang juniors ng club.. then.. poor me.

i’ll have to stretch my fingers with those minors and sharps.

sooper guilty na tuloy ako.

what if.. sabog?


another thing.

cubmates… yeah… they might look innocent [about the whole isolation thing]… but i really feel distant to them.

THIS SCHOOL YEAR… I GAINED NO FRIENDS. but didn’t lose one either.

remember. i’m an introvert.

sad to say.


ang bad moooooodddd ko ngayooonn… she (club mod) said it’s ok for me to leave the organ in the faculty.. pero after the i-dont-like-some-outsider-helping-us expression she made… i decided to bring voldy home then back again tomorrow.

pano kasi… sir tanny came with the most sincere intention of helping our club.

kaya nya ba yon?

could she handle us?

does she know about the difference b/w teamwork and discrimination?


tsss… totally pissed off.

plus. i’m wondering on how to keep my nails unnoticed…sa prom and everywhere.