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fair day #1

it’s our school fair today…

and to sum all the activities up… boring.

yes.. it’s boring for average highschoolers like me…. why?

dinophant. carousel. inflatabble.

exciting? not even close.

even the booths are for the graders’ pleasure only.

i soo hate this day.

the only thing i did was…

sountripped- no comment

read – oh yeah.. i’m totally bored, where else would i want to get myself in aside from this geeky hobby?

eat – duh?

avoid batchmates – since we don’t know who’s in charge of the jail booth, and neither of us would want to get caught, we dodged every suspicious looking batch mate…^^

watch gurlaloo (chorale concert)- i don’t really like the name…sorry. and honestly, i got bored. nonetheless, i had a good time admiring THIS person.


speaking of the person i just started admiring (not crushing on) this s.y., i’m seeing her frequently. knowing myself, i’d rather stay back off than actually be friends with her. were not even casual aqcuaintances..hehe

she’s cool. sociable. a bit quiet but has a lot of sense. talented. blah blah…

so what are these compliments for?

nothing. i don’t know. -_-;

geez, i’m not a stalker. -_-;




i wonder why we should all get semi formal?

as if they’re not wearing casual clothes when attending mass, ryt?

and what’s with all this conservative-rules? as if there are guys loitering around during the mass.. and if ever.. would they care? would it give our school a bad reputation to have students who wear casual clothes during mass?

tss.. i’m starting to hate our system.

they’re like training us to be nuns.



adri’s right… teen novels seem very similar to each other… yeah.. i already noticed that while reading ‘royally jacked’…

for once i thought meg cabot was unique… but while reading another teen novel like the above-mentioned… i got myself thinking that they’re just the same… the way of righting and the whole having-a-prince-as-your-boyfriend plot is similar to all american girl’s having-the-son-of-the-president-in-love-with-you plot too…


nevertheless, i’m still not giving up on this romance comedy books… my life is as boring as the lead characters there… and if ever, though highly impossible, i could even make a desperate attempt on making my life a bit fairy tale-y.