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fair day #2 & 3

shampre boring pren sepecially mornings and afternoons…

day 2

SILVERED – tux concert plus hiphop hullabaloo finals…

– this time i can say na less boring sha… maybe because i’m busy… coz we (meaning our club) are going to perform for an intermission number… which turned out to be a major disaster…yeah yeah… aside from the fact that the violins, flute, organ and guitars are barely heard from afar, there was a BLACKOUT… maybe the others weren’t affected that much.. but me? i needed electricity for voldy to function~_- i soo dread that day… pero on the other hand… the blackout was fun… and i was praising GOD for doing it!

while the whole gym was pitch black.. i was panicking behind my organ… pero not for long kasi duh… i noticed na no one will see mee… haha

after that.. we were given free dinner… tss.. dapat lang diba?

this is how i took the club for granted…

i was happy that i recieved a free access id to the concert but that’s all.. that’s everything i need…

ang sama ko diba.


boring paren… well except for the band aid…

i don’t really care about the contestants… i’m more of BARBIE’S CRADLE!!! BARBIE’S CRADLE!

she’s so pretty… and she rocks!


ang galingggg… super naligo na ko na pawis na kakatalon kaka sigaw at kaka singit.. para makita for the 2nd time ang aking idol..

you won’t understand how i feel if you’ve never been a BIG fan of someone. just like when i was in the 5566 mall tour.. yeah (i chose the mall tour over the soph’s night! haha) seeing your idol in person.. and actually having an autograph of him makes you cry out with joy right?


wahahahaaaaa… I LOVE YOU BARBIEEEEE!!!!

BARBIE ROCKSSSSS!!!! wuhooooooo!

o cge na nga gwapo na c yael… haha…

pero he’s better up close…duh~_^