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i made a successful avatar (daw!)

and so i though i finally got the trick in making animated avatars… but hell.. no! may the bad omen around me burn in eternal damnation! grr… i’m soooo pissed off by the way i repeat and repeat everything i’ve done just because i didn’t save my work kasi when i preview the file it’s totally hale, heart and healthy!

anyway.. it’s time to move on.. maybe God doesn’t want me to use animated avatars yet without using the non-moving ones first… maybe…

haaayyy… check my DA account na lng.. i made terrible progress… up to you if you consider it a plus or a minus … i’m losing touch with art… with brains… with everything.. maybe the only thing i haven’t lost yet is GOD… help me Lord. 🙁


anyway.. i still consider this day fine..

awhile ago ate theresa and me played pinball.. pataasan ng score! haha.. hmmpphhh.. she raced against my 1,137,990 high score and succeeded… ppyag bnman ako nun?

of course not.. so i challenged her and i won.. haha.. got a 1,3$$,$$$ score.. haha… you might consider that low.. pero hello.. i’m not a gamemaster…^^;;