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arty mood

woot! i got inspired with a certain devArt yesterday… ermm.. you can find it in my favorites sa aking DA page.. check previous post..

it’s entitled vanity…haha.. stig ng art.. haha.. how i wish i could draw something like that… i’ll start sketching later…

hmm.. anyway.. as usual.. got my blogger instincts again.. bloghopping nnmn.. buti nga i got a bonanza reloaded.. that’s 30 hrs for 100.. similar to ‘reality’ but bona is better! ksi may secret ako! and my secret is… instead of using the… nyek ang poochaka nman nito… LoL just this very moment i read my SECRET on the card.. hell what was that supposed to mean? the 4388222 number– pang bayantel lng.. e ksi PLDT kmi eh.. haha..


hmm.. sana may unlimited kmeeee…

change topic… i read from a superstition book na bad luck daw mag hang ng 2005 calendar if it’s not yet 2005.. pero.. hmm… we already hanged it na eh.. haha.. gud luck.. anyway.. marami angels dito!


last night was a goooood night…i was alone in my bed… a big big bed! haha.. shempre dhil tigisa na kmi ni terai ng kama.. insecure pa ko. so there… got all my stuffed toys ‘stuffed’ beside me.. haha.. scared..


i wanna make a new layout…-_-;;