A very personal blog

i made a successful avatar!

but unfortunately i still can’t post it.. kasi i forgot to change some settings…

on the other hand… get ready for some rubbish i’m gonna share with you…

my mom is getting her VIP client a 1000 peso worth of a jacket… that’s soo unfair!! -.-;;

another thing… my mom shoped in divi for toys… shempre kelangan ng battery… now she’s claiming na we have to put batteries in it as we wrap.. nyekk.. tapos the batteries she bought were heavy duty pa (ang mahal ksi nun noh)…-_-che… hindi ako magbabalot! [sama..]

tapos un.. grabe.. na feel ko tlga na we have to decorate our room.. haha imagine ah… we now have 2 queen sized beds in my room…haha.. LoL..

hmm.. what else…-_-… onga pla… haha… hmm… cge un na nga lang muna…haha..

ay hindeee!

i ate another big big big bar of cadburry… i always love that chocolate.. actually lahat nman… in order!

1. ferrero

2. cadburry

3. hershey’s kisses [almonds]

4. mayfair! –local yan pero masarap!

tapos un… hmm… knina nag hot oil ako ng hair.. [arte ah..] -_-.. i think it didn’t work.. haha.. hnde ata ako marunong.. sus… i mean i henna-oiled myself tapos sbi dun.. for seriously damaged hair.. wrap it in a hot towel.. i din nman… haha.. hindi nman ksi damaged ung hair ko eh.. i just want to get rid of the split ends… they suck.

tapos un.. after drying. .wallah.. wa-epek…haha…nvm…


onga pla… hayy.. had a dream.. muraki-tsuzuki … LoL.. spread the yaoi loveee!

awww.. i love that scene in my dream..

haha… michi’s always asking me if i do consider siriusXremus as a good yaoi pair.. honestly.. i do like anything yaoi.. so i think i have to place a bet on them. hehe

hmm.. i still think harryXdraco’s the best… plus senru!

i’m d yaoi goddess!