A very personal blog


hello blog! long time no post… anyway…hm.. wat happened?…um.. tomorrow is the giving out of report cards.. and i’ll be taggin along with my groupmates to divisoria to buy other merchies… heheh.. grrr to the fliers! we have the same design! the paperbag idea was original! grrr… i mean.. by us!! kainiss tlga..

kilala nyo ba c blutooth? i mean.. the one who kind of replaced blue? haha.. shampre hinde.. pero ngayon di ko na sha maxado gusto.. e wala lng.. ts tym for a ‘straight’ life.

tapos hmm.. di na ko mashado asar kay south.. pero ng grudge is still there.. -_-… anyway.. i’m not talking to her! onga pla.. stargazing day pla ngaun.. and i think its a bad idea… anyway.. gudluck sa kanila.. sana di umulan.. sana di sla maputikan sa nakakairitang field sa amoy ewan… amoy lupa! un! -_-

hayy… insane and desperate me… kasi one day our softball team had a game with m.c… we lost pero.. ok lng.. sports kami eh..haha… tapos un.. among the crowd downstairs.. i was looking for blutooth who happened to be out of sight.. tapos.. Good Lord.. i found.. and.. i sprinted down the stairs to meet her sa stairs near their clasrum.. ok un lang.. finally got my world complete. haha.. halatang la ng gusto noh?

joke lang.. seryoso.. wala na tlga… promise! ^__^