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divisoria madness

just awhile ago, me, larz, tsa, bica and clarisse went to divisoria (together with ate janet.. our guide!)after fetching our skull breaking report-cards…*sniff* *sniff*.. i got a 79! grrr.. which means i can never make it to the merit award. sad…so saaadddd…. pinoi pa!! grr… highest ko is trigo! of course.. my favorite.. kahit 92 lng ako ok lng… kaya lng mejo mahirap ung trigo ngayon 2nd quarter… especially with Ms Roman to burden my already burdened brain… haaayy… looki looki i bought 2 shirts and a pair of pants! ung shirts (or blouse) 2 4 150! waw.. tapos ung pants 130 lang! e la na ko 10 nun eh.. kaya 120 na lng.. haha… kung pede lang i’ll haggle down the price to 100! grabe.. i want to buy this pink ‘united colors of benetton’ wallet! kaya lng namahalan ako.. 110! *sniff* *sniff*… gusto ko bumalik don…

tapos un na un…clarisse droped us (xept larz) at mcdo ever. tapos i went to the cr then i went out… tapos commute na lng ako pauwi. tapos.. un na un! pagdating ko may mga people sa bahay tapos. pinapapili ako ni mommy ng color na gusto ko sa curtains ng room ko. pinili ko ung mejo peach-ish pink. haha… e kasi gusto ko red buong room! -RED ROX!- kya lang mainit daw chka mukang vamp room.. hehe… pero ok pren.. monochromatic red nga eh.. hehe… ^__^