A very personal blog

Bad things about *

10. most of her daily comrades hate her guts

9. she won’t listen to your constructive criticisms

8. she thinks highly of herself when it’s obvious that she can never achieve that rank

7. she walks only to draw in people’s attention

6. her pride exceeds the heavens

5. her over-acting skills doesn’t affect tha should-be-affected people

4. she won’ say sorry when she’s accidentally or interntionally bumped you

3. she resides in the 3rd house, 2nd block w/ people who would gladly throw her out of the residence

2. she lives to make people think she’s a heartthrob

1. she makes annoying sounds with her ^^ and she thinks that’s cool.

oh. PS. i h8 her when she talks… she’s so damn arrogant! kala mo kuing cno! pucha!

GOOD THINGS ABOUT CRUBE (of course this is not *)

10. i or we don’t consider her as ‘crube not so almighty’ now.

9. she has opened herself to repentance to those she had hurt b4 (lyk me)

8. she stopped making kadas with the bitchies

7. she’s moved in to * address

6. she learned to pick her own size

5. we share the sme ‘hates’

4. she doesn’t know she’s doing everything i want

3. she stopped bullying me

2. she lost her flirting skills

1. we’re in the same tracks of killing *.