A very personal blog

the angel and the devil… in love.

when i fall and break apart. who will pick up the pieces of me? when those pieces are scattered, away from each other, will you go and unite the broken parts?

I’ve come to an end, yet you didn’t care. threw out everything bout me, even the sweetest memories we shared. we’ve been through a lot of raging experiences yet, i get abandoned. let away, killed. I was broken. like a glass i was shattered, a forceful hand punched me hard, it went through my bones, my heart, my soul. i felt the wrath of death… the pain, i lost my heart, my soul was frozen, my mind was stiff. couldn’t think of anything else aside from what you did.

hades took control of my freezing brain and stoned heart. I felt scared but what was that compared to what you did. I joined him, his company, like death eaters congregating around Lord Voldy. he gave me power to control all the elements, he gave me the chance to live again, to seek revenge, that’s why i’m living until now, you thought i’m dead, but i’m bloody alive and i sought to kill you. But i can’t get near you, you’re always inside the *****… ughh… god damn that word. fuck, what did i just say.. god.. oh my… shouldn’t have said that. it’s draining all my power.



nyek.. ano kaya yan.. ang wierd kaya… napaka.. unorganazed ng thoughts… gets nyo ba? i doubt it… oh the girl’s not literally dead. i mean… she and her boyfriend broke up…. and her boyps did it a manner that she’ll hate her… i dunno why… then… eh yun na yun! -_-

I can never forget that time.