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I danced on the devil's palm: part 1

i danced on the devil’s palm: part 1

by melodia

i was behind a door so huge

locked and lonely coz they say i’m rude

but if i were to be asked, i should have said

i don’t deserve this punishment, innocence fill my head

but what choice do i have against their will

i’m so weak, pathetic, and i’m starving here still

maye someday, my wish will be granted

the sun will greet me, and a new life will be started

I’m only up for one request

break my chains so i can rest

i feel exhausted, i feel overused

by a man so brutal, i wish to shut off his fuse

i hand is so powerful i can’t get off his grip

i tried but failed and got whacked with his whip

he told me to do this, he forced me to do that

i can’t say a thing and just follow his deeds so bad

along came the memories when i danced on the devil’s palm

horrific things he made me do so i decided just to run

but like what they say you can never escape

dancing on the demon’s hand, a decision you made

Now, my end is near, the light is gradually fading

My curtains of hope continues to close, darkness fills my surrounding

I close my eyes and prayed to God, ” Oh Lord forgive my sins”

coz as i lay in this cold floor my soul will wander back to hades…

i’m ready to face my destiny

i’m ready to face death.


so… made out of boredom and out of… bsta… oh.. yan.. basta yun na yon.. byers