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The Perfect Woman…

the perfect woman…

by arianne…

a perfect woman, who could it be?

that even naked eyes could not see

a perfect woman, with a god-like beauty

that dances around with steps so heavenly

Who would it be, can you guess?

Choose one in a billion and you’ll get stressed

Maybe i know the reason why

You can’t find her below the sky

Such mysterious character unfolds

To be one of the earth’s wandering Ghosts

Yet posseses what it takes

To attract almost everyone just by dancing by the lake

to be continued….

well… ^^; i can only write poems if i’m inspired by another poem.. and that poem is ‘She was a Phantom of Delight’ by William Wordsworth… and yeah… it’s hard to understand but i was guessing that it talked about some kind of mysteriousness on a woman he calls almost perfect.

Basically, that’s for my english project… another poem.. well at least it’s not as boring as setting your mind on being an environmentalist and get rhymes out of that…. yes, i’m talking about our past poem… Trees by Joyce Kilmer… I’m not anti nature… but….but… you get my point. —> .

Literature is better that studying Grammar.