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Baguio 2024! All the pet-friendly places we went to + how much we spent for 5 days!

Two weeks ago we went to Baguio for a quick getaway (5 nights, I knowww, bitin! haha) and man did we miss it! Especially that Manila heat is proving to be unbearable for weeks now! Since we got Koomi we haven’t been able to go on staycations as much because it’s more expensive to bring a pet with us plus there’s not much options for pet-friendly hotels around. But most importantly, we just couldn’t find the budget anymore lol.

This trip was special for a lot of reasons, the most important one being it’s our first time to bring a car (at least for me this was a milestone). It was my longest drive ever at 264kms! I only drove on the way to Baguio and my husband drove around the area and back to Manila. We have always commuted by bus going up but since we have a dog it’s difficult to use public transpo and get around on taxis.

We were hesitant to bring our 8-year Toyota Vios because we think it’s too old. It’s a matic car with a decent 1.3L engine with manual modes so the only issue really is with the driver (me) lol. But after asking a car group about tips on driving up to baguio with the car that we have, I gained confidence and became pretty excited about the trip!

Turns out it was a great ride. 3hrs out of the 4.5hrs we were on the road were spent on the expressway which was mostly smooth. After exiting TPLEX, we gassed (??) up and stretched a bit at Shell TPLEX Rosario before starting the ascent. Our full-tank was halved by the time we had to climb.

We checked-in at an Airbnb at Bristle Ridge Condo. It’s a DMCI property and it’s pet-friendly! It’s almost like we didn’t leave home cos the amenities look the same except it’s 10deg cooler lol. We were fantasizing about this before, teleporting our unit to different places so we didn’t have to travel and nest haha. How I’d love for that to be a reality lol.

Anyway, I’ll start making lists now hehe

The route

Pretty straightforward coming from Metro Manila.

ESDA -> NLEX -> SCTEX -> TPLEX -> Marcos Highway -> Baguio!

Between Marcos Highway and Kennon Road, the former is what everyone suggested we take because Kennon is usually closed and open only to locals, and when it rains it’s more dangerous.

They say Marcos Highway has wider roads because it’s what trucks and buses use. You’ll be sharing the road with them so there could be a slow down in some parts. But I realized after driving up that trucks are usually very kind to private vehicles, they would give way and give you a hand signal when it’s safe to pass them. The buses are more aggressive so be careful around them!

We left home 9:30AM and arrive 2:30PM. So that’s 5hrs with one stop, following the speed limit ah!

Gas | ~₱4,500

Initial full tank – ~₱2,000

Consumed half a tank traversing the expressways.

Top-up at Shell Rosario TPLEX – ~₱1,200 (half-tank)

Consumed another half-tank going around Baguio

Top-up heading back to Manila at Shell Rosario TPLEX – ~₱1,300 (half-tank)

When we got home we still have around half-tank left so our actual consumption is really just 1.5 full tanks for the whole trip.

Toll fees | ~₱1,200

To be safe, load up your Easytrip (for NLEX and SCTEX) with ₱700 and your Autosweep (for TPLEX) with ₱500. That 1,200 is enough for going back and forth Metro Manila.

Airbnb | ~₱17,500

We stayed here for 5 nights and it was great ♥

We’re a party of 2 adults plus Koomi our dog and we paid around 3.5k/night.

Koomi loved running around the roof deck ♥.

All the pet-friendly places and restaurants we visited

  • Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant
    • Located at Outlook Ridge Condo (another DMCI property hehe)
    • Spent ~₱2,000 here
  • SM Baguio
    • You can hang-out by the stairs at the sunset terrace
    • Most restaurants have outdoor seats where pets are allowed
    • Buffalo Wings and Things – spent ₱500 for merienda
    • Chaya Japanese Restaurant – spent ~₱3,300 for dinner
  • Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna
    • Love the view here! And the laaamb dishes ♥
    • Spent around ~₱2,800 for lunch
  • Mines View Park for souvenirs
    • Entrance is ₱10/adult, dogs are free
    • Careful of one of the St. Bernards cos one is agressive towards dogs. Honestly though, nakaka-awa sila tingnan. They’re not fun to pet. And we feel like the “agressive” one was actually barking at other dogs for help huhu.
    • Spent around ₱4,300 for pasalubong (strawberries, ube jam, shirts, and music boxes) because everything is overpriced here haha.
    • Strawberries are small during this season, according to the ates they’re normally big during December to March. Still sweet though!
    • Good Shepherd Ube Jams are sold out easily in the morning because the vendors hoard them and sell them with a huge margin sa baba. Unfortunately we’re not morning people so 450/jar na yung nabili namin nung hapon. Original price is 350/jar.
  • Choco-Late de Batirol
    • Had a lovely lunch here!
    • Spent ~₱1,300
  • Camp John Hay Picnic Area
    • Loved walking around here! Lots of dogs too! Most people bring picnic stuff cos the tables in the park are not free and you’re not allowed to sit on the stumps. There are some wooden benches though. 🙂
    • Parking is available but they’re mostly parallel slots
  • Mangiamo Ristorante Baguio
    • One of our favorite Italian restaurants!
    • It’s at Giraffe Boutique Hotel which is also pet-friendly
    • Spent ~₱2,000 for dinner
  • Lola Joe’s Bulalohan and Kambingan
    • It’s one of the restaurants at Mine’s View na may Kambingan so we ate here!
    • The adobong kambing was so good!
    • Spend ~₱680 for lunch

Grand total – ~₱43,000 for 5 nights

I think it’s not bad for 5 nights considering we ate out a lot?! I already included the grocery items I bought in preparation for this trip. You know… chips, eggs, bread, some canned goods, snacks, rice, coffee, etc hehe. That’s maybe around ₱2,000.

Hopefully we could stay longer the next time around cos I swear sobrang bitin pa kami ang init sa Manilaaaaa!!!! I wanna go to other parks and Baguio market too!