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Life lately: Burgers and milkshakes

Daily writing prompt
How have you adapted to the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic?

Oh you mean the ability to work from home? Fantastic, and quite frankly long overdue. But the mandatory masking in some places like the hospital, I find unnecessary at this point.

↪ Burgers and milkshake night

We had burgers and milkshake yesterday. It was a great dinner. Some things are just better made at home right? Like burgers, when you have the time and money to spare for quality ingredients. Our patty is made of ground beef sirlion, garlic powder, onion, salt, pepper, cornstarch, egg, and worcestershire sauce. We used buttered brioche buns, and I made a burger sauce from mayo, ketchup, mustard, and worcestershire. Then we have lettuce, tomatoes, and Colby Jack cheese! For the milkshake, we blended ube ice cream with milk. We so love it. Burgers and milkshake is one of the best food combinations ever. ♥

↪ Another year of Skillshare

I forgot to cancel my Skillshare so I was charged another year. I really need to use it now, sayang naman all the Procreate tutorials I could learn.

↪ Car dependent

Car’s out for repairs so we had to rely on Grab for everything. But since we have Koomi it’s difficult to move around. I don’t see Grab Pet on the app despite it being advertised recently, but also, based on the press release it’s always gonna be a six-seater premium and I think it’s too much for us. I thought it was gonna be just a simple checkbox on the app that lets the driver know you have a pet with you, or something. Oh well.

Hope we get the car back soon.

↪ Locker move

Finally had my locker moved from another floor. First time I was issued a locker it was placed on a different floor because our area is full. Thankfully there are vacant ones on our floor now so yeyy. I could finally leave a headset and tumbler at the office! ♥

↪ Koomi’s cough

Taking Koomi to the vet tonight because he’s coughing, not finishing his food, and has wet poops. Hope to get a nice Grab that would let us take him in the car. ♥