A very personal blog


// Happy for our condo community. They’ve been fighting to get residents elected on the board because our PMO is incompetent and DMCI reps can’t be trusted. Condo’s been operating on a ~50M deficit without a solid recovery plan besides increasing the association dues and collecting special fees. I really have no contribution to this win because I chose to be a bystander. I’m renting through an agent to it’s difficult to get a proxy, plus my landlord isn’t in good standing so there’s that. Hopefully our condo improves. I just really want the elevators to be faster.

// I have a lot of gripes about Citi moving to UB but there’s a feature I’m enjoying right now and that is the ability to download your credit card statement into an excel format. Makes it easier to cross-check my expenses from another sheet that I maintain. ❤

// We finally got the car back today. The damages have been fixed and we paid 2k for participation. We were supposed to get the sidemirror fixed as well but we couldn’t wait til Friday for it, right when there are 2 holidays this week. We badly need a car. Didn’t realize we were so car dependent haha.

// I’m tired trying to fix the template of this site. For the life of me I can’t figure out why the single post looks different in mobile vs desktop. I thought it was just a cache issue but I’ve already cleared it and nada. It’s frustrating. I’m happy to have reached a point where I’m okay with however it looks. It’s just that I know I’d be bothered by it sooner or later lol. But till then, whatever.

// I’m in the office right now for my weekly RTO. Was supposed to be on PTO today but Jeckie didn’t manage to get a leave so I figured I’ll just work then.

// I’m way past my fasting window, it’s been 18 hours, but I can’t decide what to eat. Alright I’ll just go out and see what catches my attention.