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Oh I’ve been busy

Jeckie is sick, Koomi just vomited three times and I’ve just finished stowing away our groceries and marinating pork for dinner later. I have yet to take a bath and do an alcohol sponge bath for my husband to help cool down his fever. I fed Koomi banana and bread, not banana bread hehe, to ease his stomach. He didn’t eat much last night so that figures. Half of our 13th month just came in, and I just realized I made the mistake of eating a lot and buying so much stuff online that I could only hope to save even half of what I got today. Our dashcam finally broke. It’s been acting up for a while, so I quickly ordered something new. We’re driving out of town this weekend so it’s essential to get it fixed. Overall I feel a bit productive this early in the day (it’s almost 6pm), but not completely because I haven’t done anything work related. I decided to work from home today because everyone’s sick. Looking forward to dinner!